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Other Income Tax Related Links

1. To Obtain GSA Per Diem Rates
Per Diem Rates

2. Tax Deductible Nevada Vehicle Registration Fees
This is a direct link to find your Nevada DOT Registration fees and easy to use!

3. To Obtain a copy of form 1099-R From DFAS

4. I Want to Withhold Income Tax From My Social Security Benefits
This link will take you directly to information about withholding income tax from your Social Security Benefits.

5. I Want to Withhold Income Tax From My Unemployment Compensation
Use a W4-V Form

6. Tax Deductible Arizona Vehicle Registration Fees
EZ Vehicle Fee Recap is a service that allows citizens to electronically obtain and print fees paid in the prior calendar year.

7. Tax Deductible California Vehicle Registration Fees
Enter your information to determine the VLF paid for tax purposes for California.